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Art From Code

Feeling Remix (2021)

Feeling Remix (2021) is a video project that I scored, designed, and edited. It combined multiple digital works that I coded with Processing language. Through narration, I was trying to construct an alternative world that departs from reality. Through this project, I wished to create a meditating journey for the audience to explore their subconsciousness.

Cave (2022)

This video was created for a physical theater performance Cave (2022). The performance itself was inspired by Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, and the projection video was designed for one scene. This work tried to visualize the scene of infants in the mother’s uterus and the bonding between mother and children. It was also a metaphor for the symbiotic relationship between a mother and an infant.


These patterns were designed for 94th Sarah Lawrence Commencement 

Patterns (2021-2022)

These patterns were created within Processing and were designed for the 94th Sarah Lawrence Commencement 

The last two beings on the earth (2021)

This is a collaborative collage designed by Jingjing Han and Julian Mathews. It picks the surrealistic tone to depict the scenery of the last two beings on the earth. Our inspirations include combining multiple iconic visual elements to construct a new form of the human body. It also explores the characteristic aspect of human evolution in a semiotical way.


The Fe-Male Gaze (2021)

I was inspired by the idea “male gaze” represented in art history. In this collage, I also tried to explore the female gaze upon men instead of depicting the male gaze on women. Besides, it was originally an interactive collage. The text message "I AM WATCHING YOU" shows up when the audience clicks the "eyeball". It aims to explore that we as audience participate in the gazing process when we look into the collage.

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