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Machine Pastoral

Machine Pastoral (2020) is a site-specific project in which I designed, choreographed and performed in. It was invited to perform at Beijing Live Arts museum. 



It was a collaboration with "Sound Altar".
Through poetry, dance, digital installation, and live music, we invited the audience to the post-digital age. Here we present the possible results of human technology's relationship in the foreseen future.


We have been living with machines ever since the Industrial Revolution. Every day we use our phones, laptops, coffee machines, and dishwashers. We are so used to having machines work for us in all aspects of our lives that we don’t even notice these interactions between machines and us. 


Since the era of the industrial revolution, human society has always held a complicated and ambiguous attitude toward technological development. We enjoy the convenience that technology brings us. Meanwhile, we suffer from the negative sides that come with accelerated progress, such as social media manipulation, the feeling of being “alone together” and disconnected, work overload, etc. 



Since the classical age, the literary form of pastoral has always represented people's desire to escape from the hustle and bustle of life in the city and go back to the countryside where they can have a closer relationship with nature. We yearn for a  simple lifestyle. 

As a result of the progress of civilization and technological development, we moved from the countryside to the city, but in this process, we also left our innocence, yearning, awe, and faith behind along the way. The same argument is also applicable today: since the beginning of the industrial revolution, we have been full of reflections on the development of industry and technology. In the digital age, we are full of unknown worries about the future. 

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