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Jingjing Han is a multi-disciplinary artist working across genres in movement, digital art, voice, puppetry theater, and photography. She makes immersive performances and interactive experiences. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 2022 with a concentration in dance and theater study.

As a dance artist, she believes in connecting to human experiences and emotions driven by the body's relationship to internal and external space. She also focuses on constructing relationships between human bodies and the external environment. She has performed in Beijing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanking, Shenzhen, Shanghai, New York, Paris, etc.

As a choreographer and director, her inspirations are from her inner struggles as an Asian American artist and are also from individual struggles that she learned from interviews and news reports. Her work focuses on existential crises and the absurdity of life. Most of her projects are site-specific performances that were designed at galleries, abandoned factory buildings, and ancient buildings. She uses special characteristics and architectural structures that break the boundaries between audience and performance, and she tries to bring the audience an intimate, sensational, and immersive experience.  

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